Why A Small Shop Is Better Than a Chain Store

I visited a small independent pharmacy two weeks ago. I know this happens very quickly, but I feel happy to do it. I have been in a series of pharmacy stores and I have to tell you that I often think that I have less than a dollar signal. In other words, my experience with large pharmacy chains and other retailers is that they are usually personal and there is no room for improvement in customer service.

What is the best small store?

When I go to large pharmacies that are connected to a store across the country, there is usually someone who works in the pharmacy or two people. Then I actually wait in line to leave my recipe. Once you have a prescription, regardless of the medication, I will ask you to go back at least an hour, and at this moment many minutes (and you) have to practice for a few hours. . I do not know what it is like, but sometimes it is true that when you take a prescription, you use medications for someone who is not so good and gets medication quickly, you will only feel better. I do not think larger pharmacies realize how important it is to change people quickly.

When you return to a large pharmacy to get the recipe, you come back to the person on the counter. Even if you have made progress for a while, you may be asked to wait, hope that the chair will be available to you.

However, when you go to an independent pharmacy, the experience is different and better. When I made my last statement, I waited for five minutes. About five or six professionals worked in the pharmacy, which was good and they knew me as a person and not as a dollar bill. The person who came with me also asked if I wanted to collect my data, which is usually not available in the supermarket in my area.

The best reason to take care of small business owners

My experience with the pharmacy is just one example of why a sponsor likes to do business with small stores, and you also have to do this. One of the best reasons to visit the store of mom and dad is that they give people jobs. As mentioned above, if you wait 20 minutes or more for your priorities, but big chains do not matter. However, because small stores understand that they have to be discriminated against, they have hired employees to provide excellent customer service. The small business administration pointed out that small businesses add more net employment than large companies.

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