What Makes a Home?

We should all have a roof over their head, right? Most of us are lucky, but is it a house or house?

The house offers accommodation for us and our family, but the house offers too much. If you work on your house / house all day, is it a fascinating possibility or is it just a place to get out of the rain and sit? The reason for me to ask is that it often gets wrong advice from those who benefit from it.

I recently visited Swansea, where there are many beautiful terraced houses. My wife and I bought one of them, with a stone wall, a panel roof (one got bad advice and tiles), a fireplace and a wooden frame. Windows, road surface, wooden doors of good quality, etc. But I see all the roads on the whole road of beige cement and all of them.

There is almost no open fire in windows with windows and plastic doors, concrete roads that are completely free of your original character. We found a balcony of old cement and open stone. I had a lot of hope that it will go back to lime mortar and shine, but not with plastic windows and chimney extracts, there is a beige cement plate, so now we have a peeling machine in your area.

Why did that happen?

I think it is part of modernization efforts, but does this mean that the original clothing must be forgotten or hidden because it is an insult?

Basic / traditional features such as wooden windows or fireplaces are in poor condition. Maintenance saves money. It seems that very few of you can decorate their windows and doors, and instead of changing these annoying plastic works, you will lose your own history and this part of the characters will be added after years. It is possible that the removed wooden windows were a hundred years or more … So, is it worth to decorate or repair? Everything can be cured. The chimney can no longer be used. If repairs are carried out correctly, there is no reason for problems for decades and it helps to prevent your home becoming a home.

You ask the wrong questions about the wrong person. I mentioned it before, but if you need windows, ask for a double Glovedocalur, think the answer. If you ask the builder if you have to work, you will undoubtedly find something similar to the removal of the chimney, or it seems that your stone is covered with beige cement with endless supply.

Reduce the importance of traditional / basic functions in society. Which historic center is different from the modern center, how do people feel? Do you enjoy the sights of a historic city with different shops and building patterns, or do you like buildings in concrete blocks with a flat roof or a soul in the sixties, seventies and eighties? They can be mixed, but with the beauty you have to win the old pot.

The local authority takes some responsibility to allow or not allow such changes. Not only beauty and historical value, these characteristics have internal value and benefits. Fireplace, even if there is no usable fireplace, can provide ventilation. It is important for human health, reduces the risk of condensation and some complications of the chest, improves air and wind speed in the chimney, keeps it dry.

Windows is known to mess with pop-ups and pop-ups, but it is also good for you and your home, although not much for heating costs. Perhaps you should expect to wear a winter coat in yourself, not like slippers and shorts, just like my son was doing. Old windows can be fire resistant and double glazing can be installed in the same frame, but suppliers with double glazing do not offer this option.

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